Want to recover faster after a workout?

STRETCH is for you! A 30 minute stretch session that will restore your body through assisted stretching, myofascia release and joint mobilization enabling you to perform better at work or play.


Performance Optimisation
Injury Prevention


Pain Reduction
Ease muscle tightness
Increased mobility
Myofascia Release Techniques
Myofascia release incorporates sustained pressure on trigger points of connective tissue (fascia) that surround our muscles and bones.
Assisted Stretching
Assisted stretching facilitates more stretch than self-stretching by producing more length in a stretching muscle than a person can pull or push with his or her own force.
Joint Mobilization
Mobility in joints is achieved by adequately moving the specific joint through its ideal ranges of motion, reducing musculoskeletal pain and increasing freedom of movement.
85% of Singaporeans suffer from head and body pain which affects their daily lives. Don’t let the pain stop you achieving your best! Don’t let the pain stop you from your best!

Our certified fitness coaches are sport massage certified and will be able to help you move and perform better in life.


Available Islandwide

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