Dear Valued Member,

Please be advised that 
with effect from the stated date in your email, there will be an increment of $10.00 to your monthly rate (inclusive of GST). 
It is worth noting that our newly joined members are paying $190.00 (inclusive of GST) per month for a Platinum Passport Membership.

In view of the rising costs, we constantly strive to maintain the adjustment of your dues to ensure that keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle remains affordable and enjoyable for you. 

It is our commitment to reinvest in bringing you unprecedented experiences and scaling up our services to be the most-loved fitness and wellness brand in Singapore. In 2019, we set fresh headlines with bold strides towards technology and fitness science to enrich your journey with us: 

-     AGS Health and Wellness Genetic Test to empower you with informed decisions towards exercise and nutrition 
-     Boditrax to review your results, set goals and track progress anytime, anywhere 
-     Curating a robust and multi-level training methodology for our Certified Fitness Coaches to help you #BeatYourBest 

Accelerating towards the next evolution and formulating bespoke initiatives that will elevate your game, we are thrilled to reveal the development of a Fitness First mobile app with comprehensive features and integrated gamification. Train in more ways than one with an expanded suite of group fitness programmes, upgraded equipment and club refurbishments in the year ahead. 

Now, you can enjoy greater convenience with a brand new membership card that enables you to access the locker facilities for an efficient and seamless check-in experience. With innovation at the forefront, automated check-in kiosks will soon be introduced to our clubs in the near future. 

There are now more workout options than ever with an extensive network of clubs island-wide, and even more in the future. Where you LIVE, WORK, or PLAY we make fitness more convenient and fun than anyone else. 

Once again, thank you for being a part of the Fitness First family, and we look forward to be a constant inspiration on your fitness journey. 

Yours in fitness,
Fitness First Team


frequently asked questions

  • General


    Why is Fitness First revising my membership dues?

    We are continuously investing back into the business to bring you the stellar experience in the clubs – from refurbishments to hallmark innovations and offerings. With the rising costs, the price revision is necessary for us to ensure that members like you can enjoy the best of fitness and wellness across our extensive network of clubs island-wide.


    Why is my price revision different from other members?

    The price increment will be introduced in tiers according to the membership plan you are signed to.


    When will the new price be reflected in my bill?

    The price revision is effective from the stated date in your email and will be applied to your membership dues thereafter. If you are still within your minimum commitment period, your dues will be adjusted from the first month after your minimum commitment period is fulfilled.


    I am still within my contracted 12-month membership and my membership is currently on freeze the end of the year. Will I be affected by the upcoming price revision?

    No, you will not be affected by the price revision until your minimum commitment period is fulfilled. You will be paying your monthly dues as per your membership contract and your dues will only be adjusted from the first month after your minimum commitment period is fulfilled.


    How do I check the current rate I am paying?

    Please approach our friendly staff at the club reception for inquiries on your existing membership plan. Alternatively, you may check your bank statement history on the current rate you are paying.


    Will there be further revision to my membership dues next year?

    This will be subjected to an annual review by the management. However, rest assured that it is our commitment to make fitness a lifestyle that is affordable for everyone.


    Can I request to delay the price revision?

    The price revision is standardized for every member from the effective date. If you’re outside any membership contract, the price revision will take effect immediately from the stated date. If you are still within your minimum commitment period, your dues will be adjusted from the first month after your minimum commitment period is fulfilled.


    I intend to transfer my membership to my spouse. Will he/she be affected by the price rise as she is new to Fitness First?

    The current status of the membership will remain in the event of a membership transfer. For example, if your membership is still in the membership contractual period, your spouse will not be effected by the price revision until the contract expires.Please note that your membership is not transferable outside of the contractual period, and your spouse will need to sign up as a new member at the prevailing rate.


    The price revision will only be effective one month later, so why do you have to tell us about it now?

    We at Fitness First would like to be as proactive and as transparent as possible with all our policies. We understand that our members have their own responsibilities and commitments and we would like to give our members ample time to digest the information of our upcoming changes. During this period, we will ensure that our staff are ready to assist you with any questions and make the transition as seamless as possible.


    I have been a loyal member of Fitness First for more than 10 years. Will I be affected by the price adjustment in 2020?

    As a way of saying thank you for your loyalty, we are happy to share that members with Fitness First for 10 years and more will not be affected by the price revision in 2020. However, this will be subjected to an annual review by the management.


    How do I redeem my voucher?

    Please present your voucher at any Fitness First club island-wide to redeem your exclusive benefits including 2 x 7-day guest passes, 50% off 1 x BOOST Personal Training Session and 50% off any Fitness First Merchandise.


    Can my guests access all Fitness First clubs with the guest passes?

    Yes! Your guests can present the guest passes for full access at any Fitness First club island-wide, for 7 consecutive days. They would also be able to attend the Group Fitness Classes with you by registering their slot at the club reception 20 minutes before the class (subject to availability).


    What are the other terms and conditions of the voucher?

    Voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of price adjustment. Valid for a one-time redemption only. Non-transferable and not exchangeable for cash.