Dear Valued Member,

Please be advised that there will be an increment of up to $4.00 to your monthly rate (inclusive of GST). Please refer to the table for price adjustments. It is worth noting that our newly joined members will be paying $185.00 (inclusive of GST) per month for a Platinum Passport Membership.

It is our commitment to reinvest in bringing you unprecedented experiences in both fitness and wellness. In 2019, we are leveraging on technology and fitness science to make bigger and bolder strides forward with a comprehensive portfolio of products to amp up your game. Members are now empowered to make informed decisions towards exercise and nutrition with a simple AGS Health and Wellness Genetic Test, which is readily available for purchase at any Fitness First club. Boditrax, a precision body composition and cellular monitoring tool, was also introduced for members to review results, set goals and track progress anytime, anywhere. 

Our 20th club, Fitness First Platinum Paya Lebar, sparked off much excitement and fresh conversations in the fitness landscape of the East with its notable debut on 1st August 2018. 

There are now more workout options than ever with 20 clubs island-wide, and even more in the future. Where you LIVE, WORK, or PLAY we make fitness more convenient and fun than anyone else.

While we bring forth these new innovations and offerings, Fitness First will always stay true to our philosophy: to offer the best equipment, range of classes, knowledgeable staff and personal advice in a welcoming environment that feeds our members’ motivation. All this will not be possible without having our members’ best interest at heart and providing the best customer service available.

To reaffirm our service commitment, we will like to reward you for your loyalty with us. The longer you are with Fitness First, the less increment you’ll pay. If you’ve been with us for 60 consecutive months and above, you will not be affected by the price rise at all!


Membership Tenure
Per Month Increment
13 to 24 Months
25 to 36 Months
37 to 48 Months
49 to 60 Months
61+ Months

Thank you for being a part of the Fitness First family and we look forward to continuously inspire you on your fitness journey.

Yours in fitness,
Fitness First Team


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frequently asked questions

  • general

    1. When will the price rise for our monthly dues start?

    The price rise is effective from 1 September 2017 and will apply to your dues thereafter. If you are still within your minimum commitment period, your price rise will take effect from the first month after your minimum commitment period is fulfilled.

    2. I am still within my contracted 12-month membership and I my membership is currently on freeze the end of the year. Will I be affected by the upcoming price rise?

    No, you will not be affected by the price rise until your minimum commitment period is fulfilled. You will be paying your contracted monthly dues as usual and the price rise will take effect from the first month after your minimum commitment period is fulfilled.

    3. I don’t want to have this price rise at all so how do I cancel my membership now?

    All normal cancellation process remains the same; simply visit one of convenient locations to complete a 30-day cancellation notice.

    4. Why does Fitness First have annual price increases?

    Quite simply, the cost of running the business increases yearly and we have to pass on a portion of the costs in order to continue providing you with our convenient, friendly, and well maintained locations. It is worth noting that our last price rise was in 2015. Since then we have opened two new clubs in 321 Clementi and Bugis Junction. We’ve also had major refurbishment and rebranding of a club for Capital Tower Sports Performance. In additional to all the club launches there have also made regular upgrades to our clubs such as Paragon, One George Street, Tampines and much more. All these activities which we have shared on our communication platforms amounts to about 7.6 million and as the maintenance costs rises we start our price only in 2017.

    5. Can I request to delay the price rise?

    The price rise is standardised for every member effective from September 2017. If you’re outside any membership contract, the price rise will take effect immediately in September. If you are still within your minimum commitment period, your price rise will take effect from the first month after your minimum commitment period is fulfilled.

    6. I intend to transfer my membership to my spouse. Will he/she be affected by the price rise as she is new to Fitness First?

    As this is a membership transfer, not a new-join-member, the current status of the membership will this be in place. For example, if your membership still in membership contractual period your spouse will not be effected the price rise until the contract expires. However if your membership is outside any contractual period, your spouse will be included by the price rise.

    7. The price rise is not till September so why do you have to tell us about it now?

    We at Fitness First would like to be as proactive and as transparent as possible with all our policies. We understand that our members have their own responsibilities and commitments and we would like to to give our members ample time to digest the information of our upcoming changes. We have included the price rise table which clearly indicates the amount that will soon affect you. During these price rise period we will make sure that all our staffs are ready to assist you with any questions and make the transition as painlessly as possible.