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I am in my mid-twenties and working as a nurse, caring for patients who are going through day-operations. I love to travel and before joining Fitness First, I hated exercising.

elaine's achievement

A year ago, I weighed 76kg and I was the heaviest in my life. As a nurse, I understand the health consequences when my Body Mass Index (BMI) wasn’t at the ideal range, and I knew that I need to do something about it. I tried several methods such as skipping dinner, going for jogs weekly etc. but sadly, none seemed to work for me. I decided to sign up with Fitness First along with my friend and everything changed after I met Zen, my personal trainer. I started a 6-month weight loss programme with him. He is very patient in training me and closely monitors my progress. On those days that I am not training with him, he will check in on me to make sure that I am doing my own training, and recovering well from the exercises.
With all his help and guidance, I successfully shed 12kg of body weight and I am back in the ideal BMI range! For someone who did not know how to do a squat properly, I was proud that I achieved my goal to do 1RM Barbell Back Squat of 70kg. Zen has definitely changed my lifestyle and overall well-being. Working in a stressful environment, exercise has become a stress-reliever. A year into fitness, I continue to enjoy the training sessions with Zen and appreciate our friendship. We are going up to the next fitness level of 'Hypertrophy'. A big thank you to Zen for believing in me. Without his motivation and guidance, I don’t think I am able to achieve this result alone.

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Zen Yong

Elaine is a very hardworking client and she is always eager to be learning more in our training session. One of her greatest attribute is that she does not give up easily and ever think of giving up! Her sheer determination to be in the best shape in her life was on display every single time we were training. There wasn't any time that I will hear her complaining about things such as “this is too hard, can we do another exercise?” or bargain to do lesser. In fact she will ask for more weights or more reps to conquer! I am very proud of what Elaine has achieved! And I am sure she will be getting more results in our future training as well!