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I am 56 years old and I work in marine services. Like most typical Singaporeans, I love to travel, dance, and watch movies. As women age and our metabolism slows down, there would be very significant changes to our bodies. My beauty philosophy is that “there are no ugly women but only lazy women”, and that keeps me motivated to stay active and glow radiantly.

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I always believe that getting fitter enables one to live and enjoy a better life. Standing at 154cm, I am considered petite in size. Despite being active and working out with another gym at that time, I found that I was not satisfied with my weight growing into 56kg, as it brought along other health and wellness concerns. One day, I joined my sister at Fitness First and this changed my life.

It has been my blessing to have EJ Philip as my personal trainer for the past one year. EJ is an excellent trainer; he is the kind of trainer who knows just how to push me in a way that makes me want to do more. Not only does he provide enough instruction for you to understand each exercise, he educates you on what muscles you are using, and why the exercise should be done in the manner he instructs. He constantly emphasises the importance of drinking plenty of water and the diet factor in the overall equation.
He encouraged me to join “Shape of You” competition in September 2017 to inspire women to get started on their fitness goals. Accepting the challenge, I embarked on a regiment of three workouts a week. I am the product of the "no pain, no gain" philosophy. I have noticed a marked improvement in my physical appearance with stronger abs, stronger legs, and larger shoulders. I also have better aerobic capacity and all-around improvement in my muscular definition. The experience preparing and going for the competition was awesome!

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“Regardless of your age, you can do it”

EJ Philip

Joanne came to me with a simple goal -  just to lose weight and shape up. So I introduced a weight training program with the right diet recommendations. Joanne has made such enthusiastic progress in her fitness goals, that she had already shaped up in 2 months! Seeing how capable she is, I decided to challenge her further with a Female Physique Contest in June 2017. That was when the real training started for the next 2 months. She has a very strong determination to achieve her goals and with my guidance, we clinched 4th place in that competition days before her 55th birthday. She is a living example that age is just a number - if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it.