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I am self-employed in the finance sector and I love local and Thai cuisine. Basketball is my favourite sport to play in my leisure time and I used to compete in dragon boat races during my university days. I enjoy working out in Capital Tower Sports Performance as the gym is the most homely branch.

cheng hao's achievement

I was a member of another gym and was working out on my own prior to joining Fitness First. I never thought I would need to engage a personal trainer before, but as I went along with my own training regime and extreme dieting, I realised that the results were inconsistent and my weight tends to yo-yo. Buying clothes became a challenge when I weighed 92kg and I felt dissatisfied with how my body looked, especially when sitting down. I wasn’t pleased with my shape at all.
After joining Fitness First, I find great joy in working out due to the excellent variety and quality of the gym equipment, which make each workout enjoyable. Subsequently, I decided to engage a personal trainer and it is the best decision of my fitness journey. My trainer, Leon, has infected me with his passion! He inspired me to go further not only in my workout activities but in my personal life as well. I have learnt so much of fitness knowledge from him; be it from workout techniques, to meal preparations to even the benefits of using a sauna. His constant desire for self-improvement and sharing of new exercises to motivate and help clients like myself. With discipline and consistency, everyone can achieve their goals no matter when you decide to start. I hope my story will inspire you to get started in your fitness journey.

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"Hard work, consistency and discipline over time make progress!"


Chenghao is a very passionate and hardworking individual. We are both like-minded in our belief that hard work and discipline will always bring about success -  whether on the scale or in life in general! This helped make training together both fun and productive, as we both always work towards a stronger tomorrow. He has managed to drop from 91.4kg to 76kg within this year and has increased his fitness by a great deal too!