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I love sports and I was quite active in my youth. However, my activity level was dramatically reduced when I was busy bringing up my 2 children, while holding onto a full-time job. I moved to Singapore from Austria right after my knee operation in 2014.

andrea's achievement

I had suffered from a torn ligament for 12 years and the final operation created a huge difference between both leg muscles. For the first year after the operation, I was focusing on my physiotherapy exercises. But after one year, I realised that I needed help because I was not satisfied with the progress of my right leg. I love cycling but the muscle on my right thigh hindered me from performing. I needed to use my full body weight to compensate the shortfall, in order to pedal efficiently.

In the beginning of my recovery journey with my personal trainer, Andric Cheok, my target was to be well prepared for my first skiing holidays after the operation. He is helpful and proceeded on working on my blind spots. As days went by, I feel stronger and my liking for swimming and cycling enabled me to compete in duathlon and triathlons. Taking baby steps from sprint to Olympic distance, my proudest achievement was finishing a Half Ironman. I realised the training helped a lot in the strengthening of my core and improving my weaknesses. These translate to an improved performance in my races. I had since then achieved:


- Metasprint Series Duathlon March 2017, 2nd Place
- Trifactor triathlon Sprint distance August 2017, 3rd Place
- Metasprint Series duathlon Sprint March 2018, 3rd Place
- Bintan Olympic distance triathlon May 2018, 1st Place
- Ironman Bintan 70.3 August 2018, 4th Place

meet the trainer

“Performance is about achieving what matters to you, and that’s what matters to me.”

Andric Cheok

Andrea came to me in November 2015 and was highlighting the impact in her performance after her knee surgery. Despite the effort she put in on her post-rehabilitation exercises prescribed by her physiotherapist, the improvement wasn't up to her expectations. Our initial goal was to get her back to skiing. With that goal achieved, we moved on to her dream of competing in races involving swim and bike. With the right training, she managed to put up a great performance in many of the competitive races she joined, without sustaining any other injuries.