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Everyone has a different fitness goal. Our trainers are here to help you meet and break them. But it’s not just about getting you fit. Our trainers will help you unlock your full fitness potential. With the right workout, you’ll find yourself moving, and even standing better.

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Our trainers follow our 5 key pillars of fitness to get you in top condition

Correcting your posture will reduce stress and strain on your body. You’ll  stand taller, move better, and feel less fatigue.


Good mobility allows your body to move the way it was designed to move – pain free and with a good range of motion.


Your core is part of almost every move you make. Strong core muscles act as a stabilizer, making moving safer and more efficient.


Strength training helps you develop strong bones, manage weight and help you do everyday activities better and easier.


Improving your cardio will strengthen your stamina and endurance so you can work harder for long and burn more calories.

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Everyone has a different reason to hit the gym. 

  • athletic performance
  • lean
  • Wellbeing
  • strong

andrea beit-grogger

Fitness First Member since November 2015


“I love sports and I was quite active in my youth. However, my activity level was dramatically reduced when I was busy bringing up my 2 children, while holding onto a full-time job. I moved to Singapore from Austria right after my knee operation in 2014.”


Yong Cheng Hao

Fitness First Member since 2017


“As I went along with my own training regime and extreme dieting, I realised that the results were inconsistent and my weight tends to yo-yo. Buying clothes became a challenge, and I felt dissatisfied with how my body looked.”


Yueh Li Tan


“In 2016, I had a stroke and half of my body was paralyzed. I lost all ability to execute “coordination actions” and sadly, swimming is a sport that requires a lot of “coordination motions".  Because movement was difficult at first, my personal trainer - Dancy, spent a lot of time stretching all crucial muscle groups, especially on my legs, to get my limbs flexible enough to move again and do certain sports motions. Because my left arm and left hip were almost immobile because of the stroke and subsequent falls, doing typical exercise motions were almost impossible unless the problems were fixed. To achieve this, my personal trainer helped me by doing a whole lot of sports massage to the affected limbs. Gradually, I could lift my left arm fully without difficulty or pain.”


Ferdinand Maluntad


“I met my personal trainer, Leon Tan Kian Onn at Fitness First Capital Tower Sports Performance in September that year. I was in a bad shape at 73kg with 25% body fat and my health was deteriorating. He tailored a 3-month intensive training programme for me and my diet was closely monitored. It was really hard for me, struggling with the constant soreness and muscle ache. But the words of encouragement from Leon kept me going and looking forward to every gym session. Every single day, I would send him the photos of my diet and he would make recommended adjustments on food portions and quality. From September to December 2016, I started to see results – the weighing scales went down to 60kg! One workout after another, I also managed to hit many small achievements and breaking personal bests in the gym – doing very heavy barbell movements, single arm push ups, single leg squats and more. I WAS STRONG! ”


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Certified Fitness Coaches

All our trainers are Certified Fitness Coaches. Their expertise is routinely assessed, reviewed and updated, and we make sure to pair you with the trainer whose expertise matches your goal.

Personalised, Focused Session

Each personal training session is 40 minutes long, where your trainer shows you new exercises that you can incorporate into your workout.

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