After a grueling 6 months journey, Stanley successfully brought His bodyfat level down from 14.5% to 10.5%.

I have been a personal trainer since 2013. In December 2020, I decided to return to Singapore after COVID-19 affected my gym business in Vietnam. Upon my arrival, I had to be quarantined and it was a painful experience because I have always been an active person. After completing the quarantine, I was determined to get back into shape by working out in a safe and conducive environment. I decided to sign up as a member with Fitness First Tampines after getting a club tour because I was confident that their facilities, equipment and expertise will help me achieve my fitness goals. 

I gradually grew close to the friendly staff at Fitness First. One day, I found out that they were looking for personal trainers to join their team. Since fitness has always been my passion, I decided to go for the interview. Today, I am proud to say that I am a personal trainer at Clementi outlet hoping to inspire people who are interested in starting their body-building journey.

As I wanted to lead by example, I customized my very own 7-day bodybuilding workout program, which consists of supersets and giant sets that ensure muscle growth. To give more information – supersets refer to performing 2 exercises back-to-back with little or no rest in between. Giant sets, however, bring the intensity to a whole new level by demanding you to perform 3 – 4 exercises consecutively with little or no rest in between. You can only rest after the completion of each set. 

In order to support overall muscle growth, I engaged in targeting different major muscle groups on different days by using moderate to heavy weights for my sets. As a trainer, I have been constantly fine-tuning my own routines to achieve the maximum results. 

Nutrition also played a huge role in my transformation journey. I took the effort to track my calories intake and prepared my meals whenever I can. To make sure that my trainings do not go to waste, I kept all my meals and cheat days in check. Speaking from experience, meal preps are not as tasteless as you would think it is – I varied between different delicious cuisines that helped to provide the necessary nutrition that I required, yet I am still able to enjoy my meals without feeling tired of it.   

After 6 months, I successfully reduced my body fat level from 14.5% to 10.5%. My physique has improved, and I am very happy with the how toned and muscular my body have become. Through this transformation journey, I have also gained confidence in myself.  

With that being said, I strive for greatness and I know that my fitness journey has only just started.