Pushing beyond his limits made Shaffie realise that if he wanted to see changes, he needed to work hard for it.

My body transformation journey started with a random thought one day where I decided to give it a shot by competing in the Men’s Physique. Launched in 2012, the Men’s physique division was the latest addition in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) and was a popular category where bodybuilders strived to win the coveted title. Since I have always been working out and doing strength training to keep my mind and body in shape, I decided to take the step forward to push myself beyond my limits. 

To start things off, I started to watch my diet and calorie intake for the next 4 months. I took up a no-sugar diet and ate in moderation with specific meal preparations. If I go out with my friends and family, I will ensure my calories are kept to the minimum and always opted for the healthier food option. 

I also embarked on a strength training program with a minimum 4 times per week focusing on various targeted body sections. If you want to see changes, you need to work for it. Coupling with cardio routines weekly, I began to lose a significant body fat and see a greater muscle gain within 4 months of hard work and dedication. It was tough at first but eventually, I was disciplined to see it through.

For those aspiring to compete in Men’s Physique competition(s), my advice is ‘To achieve your goals, you got to stay focused and be consistent every day’. Getting a good body is not just about exercising or how much you lift, it’s more than that! 70% of your results come from food. I always believe that WHAT YOU EAT SHAPES YOUR BODY.

I am so proud of myself and my achievements as I stepped on the stage with the other competitors. It is a shared achievement with the friends that I made through the journey, who supported me along the way. I am blessed to have gone through this experience.