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Go all out or choose only what drives you

Unlimited HIIT Classes

Pack on more intensity and embrace our Signature HIIT offerings on top of your gym access.
Classes available:

  • Strength
  • Rush
  • H20 HIIT
  • and many others

Unlimited Mind and Body Classes

Balance your gym floor access with our Signatureprogrammeslike:

  • Gentle Flow Yoga
  • Core Flow Yoga
  • Dynamic Flow Yoga
  • Hot Flow Yoga
  • Advanced Flow Yoga
  • Aerial Flow Yoga
  • H20 Yoga

and many others

Unlimited Cycling Classes

Get your heart pumping and let the music push you through Signatureprogrammeslike:

  • ProCycling
  • RPM

and many others

Benefits of Being a Fitness First Member:

  • Access to 17 Clubs Conveniently Located Near MRTs
  • Wind down at 7 Swimming Pools
  • Get Wide Range of Gym Equipment and Free Weights
  • Enjoy Premium Facilities
  • Choose Over 2,100 Weekly Classes
  • Access to over 300 Certified Fitness Coaches
  • Train anytime, anywhere 
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