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We cover two of our favourite members who found true love through fitness and wellness. Watch a special video we made to document Jane and George's love and see photos of Saha and Jeevitha making us swoon over their #CoupleGoals. 

jane and george

Fitness Grows With Love That Flows

Watch the love story unfold

saha and jeevitha

From Kettlebells to Wedding Bells 

We knew each other through a mutual friend and came to realise that we were actually both working out at Fitness First, but in different clubs. We decided to meet one day for a gym session, and that became our first date. Both of us would have never expected in a million years to go for our first date in a gym. (Laughs!) Friday nights soon became gym/date nights from then on. Friendship and love blossomed in the company of barbells and elliptical machines. No matter how stressful our weeks were, we made it a point to work out at least once a week together.

Of course, we have our own couple workout regime that we religiously stick to. We start off every gym session with a 10-minute cardio on the elliptical machines to warm ourselves up. During this warm-up session, we will talk about our week because we usually do not have the energy to do so during the actual workout. We will also have the same exercises on our gym dates so we can keep each other motivated during the sets.

My advice to couples who just started to work out together is to use the gym time to catch up with each other amidst the hectic work lives.  Push each other along every step of the way during your workouts and most importantly, have fun while you’re at it. Working out together is also the perfect excuse to have good food together for your post-workout recovery!

Fitness is one of the keys to a healthier relationship, and we’re glad to have found each other on our journey here!” 

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