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#ThatMoment is the epiphany when we realise how far we have come, after taking steps to embrace fitness into our lives.

It is when we realise that our dedication to fitness has paid off because we are now able to something with much more ease than before.


NATALIE CHONG, Fitness First Member turned Group Exercise Instructor

"Eat, Sleep, Work, Play. Repeat. Life was comfortable but predictable and mundane, so I started to look at small, easy changes I can make. I joined Fitness First and was determined to improve my fitness level to gain some self-confidence and a sense of achievement. I was attending 1 class a week to 3 a week to 1 a day. Then there was a day where I looked at myself in the mirror. In #ThatMoment, I noticed I was energized, fit, strong and glowing – moving without breathlessness or clumsiness. It was #ThatMoment when I realized that I have discovered the potential of my physical body, the resilience of my mind and the strength of my heart.”

Life truly begins when you put fitness first.

At Fitness First, we believe that feeling fit gives you the confidence, energy and self-belief to go further in life.

Discover your #ThatMoment with a full day access pass to any of our clubs and take the first step to make a positive difference in your life!