upcoming festive activities

  • VESAK WEEK: Islandwide Open House (13 - 19 MAY)

    Rejoice another long weekend with Vesak Week with us at our Islandwide Open House!


    For 7 long days, you get to access any of our 20 clubs to enjoy our club facilities including crystal clear pools, detoxing sauna and steam rooms, boxing areas and more. 


    To kick up this fantastic weekend a notch, we will conduct extra special classes like Mother and Child Cardio Workout, a workshop on maintaining your fitness during Ramadan, introduction to Sports Climbing, and many other exciting fringe activities. 


    LIKE and follow our event page to stay tuned to the full list of class announcements! 

  • Vesak Day Special Group Exercise Classes (19 - 20 May)

    You like looking forward to a public holiday because we always have special group exercise classes for you to enjoy too!  


    Download the full schedule for the special classes this Vesak Day holiday and book any class you like, up to 2 days in advance on Class Booker. 



    Participate at this workshop to identify and learn how to see and read a person's energy and the areas to work on, deep breath work and feel inner body and hands-on manipulation techniques.

    The workshop is held over 3 sessions and at a workshop fee of $90 for each session.

    For workshop session dates, please see the schedule here.

  • The Metropolis 5th Birthday

    Avengers assemble at Fitness First The Metropolis from 20 - 24 May!

    Bring all your friends and enjoy this birthday bash.

    Dress up and join our Avengers themed BODYJAM® and 3 lucky winners will inevitably walking away with a prize!

    Learn more details here.