Welcome back

You can be rest assured that the safety of our members and staff is our top priority, while ensuring you have a great time visiting us! You will see a number of modifications to our facilities and some new rules to help us comply with the latest advisory from Sport Singapore.

Please download this SAFETY FIRST GUIDE for full details on our control and safety measures:

  • safety first guide - your complete guide to our control and safety measures

    Front of House

    1. Capacity will be capped to no more than 50 persons at any one given time.
    2. Download the Fitness First Asia App to book Gym Floor and Group Fitness classes prior to your visit. Slots are available for booking 46 hours before commencement of the gym floor access / classes. 
    3. To facilitate crowd control, please observe the queue lanes upon entry and exit.
    4. Maintain a 1m safe distance from one another at common areas when not working out.
    5. Check in and out via SafeEntry NRIC to help us manage capacity.
    6. We encourage you to use contactless check-in and payment methods to reduce contact between yourself and our staff.
    7. Your temperature will be screened prior to entry at the building entrance or front of house.
    8. Please sanitise your hands upon entry and exit.
    9. Bring your own workout kit. We encourage you to bring your own mats, mat toppers, workout attires and towels. We will continue to provide mats, workout attires and towels.
    10. Regular public announcements will be made to remind members to adhere to the club’s safety measures.


    Gym Floor & Studios

    1. Capacity in classes, studios and swimming pools will be limited to 5 people, in accordance to the SportSG advisory.
    2. Practice safe distancing during your workout.
    3. Disinfect your equipment and mat before and after use.
    4. Wear a mask at all times unless exercising.
    5. Plan and book your personal training session with your trainer in advance. A Personal Training booking will also be required to be made through the app.
    6. Greet your instructors and gym buddies with Namaste (i.e. no contact!)
    7. Stick to the 90 minute time limit allocated for all bookings.
    8. Aerial Flow will be cancelled until further notice.
    9. Bring your own boxing gloves and wraps.


    Member Lounge & Changing Room

    1. The member lounge will be closed, newspapers and magazines will also be removed.
    2. All hot beverages, cups and mugs will be removed. You will be able to fill your water bottle with infused water.
    3. Please avoid contact between your water bottle and the nozzle of the dispenser.
    4. Reduce socialising and minimise communication with one another.
    5. Staff and cleaners will be cleaning and disinfecting the shared spaces and equipment regularly.
    6. All saunas and steam rooms will remain closed.
    7. Some lockers will not be available for use to ensure safe distancing in changing rooms.
    8. Alternate showers, toilets and urinals will be blocked off.
    9. The swimsuit dryer will not be in service during Phase 2.
    10. Amenities such as cotton buds, deodorant etc will be removed. Hairdryers will be placed at least 1m apart.
    11. Return your used towels and workout attire to the towel/attire drop.
    We understand that not everyone will be comfortable or ready to return to the club just yet, as such you may freeze your membership with a one month written notice by submitting your request to your club team or email to our Customer Service Centre at A nominal fee will apply.

    To help you continue your fitness journey during this period, you may catch the complimentary  Fitness At Home virtual group fitness classes on our Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you may join our star instructors for  Fitness at Home Live on Zoom  and/or contact your personal trainer for exercises that you can do at home. We strongly recommend that you remain active at home and incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise every other day to keep your immunity strong.


    There are various social media challenges on our  Facebook  and  Instagram  for you to get motivated beyond the gym. You can also browse our editorial  blog  to be informed with health, nutrition and fitness knowledge, and attend the complimentary health and fitness webinars with our partners for access to insight from health experts. We strongly recommend that you remain active at home and incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise every other day to keep your immunity strong.
  • Why did Fitness First implement a temporary freeze on the International Fitness Passport?

    Following the World Health Organisation’s declaration on 11 March describing Covid-19 as a pandemic, we regret to inform you that we will be implementing a freeze on International Fitness Passport usage for the time being, both in-bound and out-bound. Our clubs will stop issuing International Fitness Passports at Front of House, and members will be declined entry at clubs overseas. Rest assured that we did not make this decision lightly, though after consulting with various relevant bodies with more authority and insight on the matter, this temporary measure is in everybody’s best interest.

    While the International Fitness Passport is a complimentary benefit, we acknowledge that this news may be disappointing to some. We apologise for the inconvenience and request your understanding as to our proactive stance; we look forward to advising when International Fitness Passport privileges can be restored.

  • Does this freeze also apply to Australia and the Middle East, where we currently have reciprocal arrangements?
    We have been in touch with our counterparts in those countries, and await their reply with regard to allowing our members access to their clubs. However, as we are declining their members access, we feel that this will also be the case for our members.