Annual Blood Donation Drive 2019

  25 Nov 2019

A Single Gesture Creates A Million Smiles

“This is my third year participating in this Blood Donation Drive and I feel that it is really meaningful as we are able to save lives just by this simple act of kindness.” – Loke Weng Hoe, Fitness First Staff and Blood Donor.

In partnership with Ho Bee Land, the Annual Blood Donation Drive garnered immense support from Fitness First Members and Guests, with more than 111 registrations, allowing this year’s Blood Donation Drive to collect a total number of 83 bags of blood. Blood from the donors comes into play in times of emergency and when blood is needed to sustain the lives of those with medical conditions.


Did you know?

One unit of blood can actually save three lives, and by donating blood, it lowers the risk of heart and liver diseases caused by an overload of iron in the body. Every blood donor is an important lifeline to the patients in need of help, hence we would like to extend our appreciation to all donors for your contribution in making this Blood Donation Drive a successful and meaningful one!