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Experience the benefits of Yoga classes - available in Singapore 

Increase your energy and calm the mind with gentle stretches, postures and poses. Learn how the breath can calm the mind; increase your mobility and flexibility. Yoga increases muscle strength and builds stamina.    

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What is yoga? 

Yoga practice involves a series of poses and postures which aim to bring alignment to the body, relax the mind, and gently stretch and strengthen the muscles. The poses are combined withcontrolled breathing exercises to bring the mind’s focus to feelings and sensations in the body. While the practice dates back to ancient times, yoga has become an extremely popular way for both men and women of all ages to improve their health, mental wellbeing, and to relax after a long day at work. 

Yoga for beginners and advanced yogis
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Ever been curious about trying a yoga class, but worried that you’ll feel out of place? Well, at Fitness First, we provide all levels of yoga classes – something for everyone, whether you’ve done yoga your whole life, or are just starting out. Be guided through a series of yoga postures designed to relax and refresh both the body and the mind, all the while being supervised by our expert yoga instructors who will give you tailored guidance and gentle corrections to help you achieve the best technique.

Want to change things up by trying different types of yoga? Fitness First offers over 21 different types of Yoga, so there’s something for everything. Our full list of Yoga classes available at our gyms in Singapore is as follows:

Gentle Flow™ YogaDynamic Flow™ YogaAdvanced Flow™ YogaHot Flow™ YogaCore Flow™ YogaGentle YogaHatha YogaHot Yoga, Restorative YogaPower YogaVinyasa YogaYoga CoreYin Yoga

Simply check out the class timetable to see which classes your local Fitness First offers. 

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Fitness First has several state-of-the-art fitness clubs in Singapore, so no matter where you live, there’s a convenient gym location that’s close by. We’ve designed our class timetables to suit the busy lifestyle of our members - so whether you’re a student, working parent, a full-time executive, or a retiree, you’ll find the perfect workout schedule to suit your lifestyle. Want to try a Yoga Class at Fitness First? Get your free guest pass today! 

Become a Yoga instructor
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Fitness First is always on the lookout for qualified and enthusiastic yoga instructors, as well as instructors for our wide range of other classes. Check our careers page today for a full list of exciting current opportunities with us.