Class Booker is a Fitness First app designed to make booking a Group Exercise class simple, convenient and fast.

Planning ahead or squeezing in a last-minute class, Class Booker lets you find out and book whatever is available in an instant. 

Found a class that you would love to be a regular at? The app also automatically saves your selections, so it’s easy to check the schedule whenever you’d like.

Class Booker allows you to book available classes in any of our clubs island-wide. Please speak to our friendly staff for any assistance. 

Download the Class Booker app for free now!

how it works

frequently asked questions

  • general

    What is Class Booker?
    Class Booker is an online class registration system designed to make booking Group Exercise classes simple, convenient and fast.

    Where do I find the online Class Booker?
    Download the ‘Class Booker by Fitness First” app for free available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

    How do I book a class on the Class Booker app?
    1. Select a club to view time table
    2. Login with your email and default password ‘ffmember1’ (you can also change to a password of your choice)
    3. Click on the preferred class (with the correct day, time and instructor)
    4. Click on 'Book Class'
    5. Your booking confirmation will be sent via email

    Is the Class Booker available for booking daily?
    Yes Class Booker is available for online booking from 8am to 11pm daily.

    How soon can I make my class booking online?
    Class bookings can be made up to two days prior, meaning some classes can be booked up to 2 days in advance. 

    Is Class Booker available for all Fitness First members?

    Class Booker app is only available for local Fitness First Singapore members. Guests and overseas members with Fitness First passport membership can continue to register for class manually in-club at the reception.

    What should I do if I can’t attend the class that I’ve booked earlier?

    In the event of unforeseen circumstances that you are not able to attend the class, please cancel your booking via the Class Booker app as soon as possible so your slot can be released for other members. You will not be able to cancel your booking within 30 minutes of the class, in which you will be considered as a no-show.  

    Will there be penalty if I do not inform you in advance about the class I’ve booked but can’t attend?

    Yes there will be a penalty. 2 or more cumulative no shows over any 30-day period will result in:

    a. Your online booking privileges being suspended for 1 week after 2 no-shows, 2 weeks after 4 no-shows.

    For example:

    2 no-shows within any 30-day period = Your online booking privileges being suspended for 1 week.

    4 no-shows within any 30-day period = Your online booking privileges being suspended for 2 weeks.

    b. During the period when your privileges are suspended, you will still be able to register for classes manually in the club 20 minutes before the class starts, subject to availability.

    Can I still register in the club for Group Exercise classes?

    Yes in-club registrations will still be allowed. We have allocated 25% of class capacity for in-club registrations. This will be reviewed based on member feedback.

    How soon should I arrive before class starts?
    Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class to allow ample time for check-in and preparing for class. Once a class starts, you will be denied entry or check-in.

    Do I need to confirm my attendance for the class when I arrive at the club?
    Please confirm your class attendance at reception up to 2 hours before and no later than 5 minutes prior. You will be given a class ticket. Please hand over the ticket to your instructor at the start of your class.

    I can’t seem to login successfully. What should I do?
    Please ensure that you're signing in with the same email address which you have registered with us. If you have not registered your email address, please approach the club’s Reception to do so. Please use Class Booker's default password: ffmember1

    The app is not responsive when I try to book a class during the booking hours. What can I do?

    Kindly head to the web portal and log in with your User ID and password.

    I have been logged out of the app and was prompted with a message “Looks like you have an account.” when I tried to log in again.
    - Click ‘Forgot Password’
    - You will receive an email from mindbody to reset your password
    - Click on link and change your password
    - Reload Class Booker app
    - Log in with your email address and your new password

    I got an error stating “Your scheduling privileges have been temporarily suspended.” Why did that happen?

    Kindly drop us a message via with your membership number and email address and we will look through your account to resolve any discrepancies.

    I cannot log in via the web portal or Class Booker. Why is that so?

    Kindly drop us a message via with your membership number and email address and we will look through your account to resolve any discrepancies.

    I cannot log in to Class Booker to cancel any of my classes. What should I do?
    Give the Fitness First club where you registered the class for a call and the respective club team will assist you in the cancellation of the class.

    There is no booking button for me to book class during booking hours.

    The preferred class has reached its online booking capacity. However, there are 25% of the capacity that is reserved for class registration in the club. Class registration can be done at the Front of House club reception 20 minutes prior to the start of the class.

no-show policy

Updated August 2019

Three or more cumulative no-shows over a calendar month will result in your
online booking privileges being revoked on the 1st week of the following month.

During the period where your booking privileges are revoked, you will be required to walk-in to the
club reception 20 minutes before the class to book your slot, which will be subjected to availability.