Moving Well


Welcome to the future of fitness, where we are empowered by real-time data to determine what we eat and how we should move. Here are some of the biggest health and fitness innovations available for you to develop a bulletproof plan to fuel your workout and reach your ultimate goals.

20 Jan 2020

Do you remember how was working out like 20 years ago before technology found its way into our lives now?

In this fast-paced, time-starved era, technology is changing the way we eat and exercise. According to a survey published by The Straits Times, results show that the average Singaporeans are keen on making use of technology to take control of their health. Out of the 1,000 surveyed, 4 in 10 said that they owned health applications or gadgets such as the home health-monitoring devices, fitness trackers and mobile health applications.

Empowered with rich data and knowledge, you can now cut out the guesswork to move better and smarter towards your goals.

More reps or weights in your workout routine? Why do you crave certain food? Why are you not losing weight despite a low-fat diet or regular exercise?

By understanding what you are made for, you can work with your personal trainers to develop an exercise plan that is best suited for you, only you.

Know Your Body With 15 Results in 30 Seconds

Hop on and stay on track with the latest technology we have for you in the clubs.

 is a precision body composition and cellular monitoring tool that comes with simple, intuitive software that allows you to review medically validated result, set your goal and track your process on the move.

Download the Fitness First Boditrax application on your mobile phone so you can continuously feed your personal data into the palm of your hand.

Know what you want to focus on and exactly where you want to target. Be in control of your progression with this sophisticated programme that gives you helpful data insights than your regular weighing machine.

3D Scans

 On top of Boditrax, the 3D scanner also provides over 200 accurate body measurements, which allows you to compare and track your changes from scan to scan.

From losing weight to building muscle, the 3D scans are able to tell you how your body is changing with your fitness routine, allowing you to witness your progress right before your eyes.

Skip the Queue


Booking made simple now with the Fitness First Asia mobile app


Introduced in 2020, this app is designed to make your class booking simple, convenient and fast. Plan ahead or squeeze in a class in between your day by checking the available slots online in an instant.


No more queues. Your next favourite group class is only a click away.


The All-in-One Programme


If you are looking to get back in shape right after the festive feasting, we have the perfect programme for you to do so (without the struggle).


Now, you can finally transform that fitness and wellness goal into reality with our New You Transformation Programme.


Assembling the latest technology and fitness science into one winning formula, you will embark on a personalized journey with our certified fitness experts to see you through to your goals over 4, 8, or 12 weeks.


Diversify your training with a wide variety of modern equipment and enjoy amazing facilities such as a spacious freestyle area, member lounge, and premium vanity room in all our clubs.


In this programme, get the best nutritional and fitness plan tailored for you based on your genetic profile, bespoke personal training sessions, and unlimited access to our 2,100 weekly classes islandwide.


Get all the support you need for a stronger, better you with the award-winning sports supplement brand, Innermost which offers products that are crafted by leading nutritionists and are made with natural superfood ingredients and protein.


Available for members and non-members. Get started to discover the new you today:


Be Your Own Motivation

By gaining a better understanding about your body, you will be able to work out a strategy that is unique to no one but you. This way, you are able to gauge how far you can go and from there set realistic goals that are achievable and measurable in the long run.


As you witness your first fruit of labour, you would be more motivated and encouraged to work harder to achieve greater goals.


The route to our fitness goals might not be the easiest, but we can certainly make it more efficient and enjoyable with the help of technology.


Move on to the future of fitness and make every movement count.