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Fathers play a significant role in our life. However, when it comes to expressing how much we appreciate them, many things are left unsaid. This Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered with award-winning supplements packed with the best nutrition to keep them healthy and happy.

15 Jun 2021

Vitamin D

As age catches up, it can be a factor for older adults to contract osteoporosis which causes them to be more susceptible to falls and fractures due to their deteriorating bones.

Sufficient intake of Vitamin D is essential in maintaining a good bone density and enables the body to be effective in fighting diseases.

Foods such as salmon, cheese, and cod liver oil are good sources of Vitamin D, and being under the sun during mid-day can also promote Vitamin D’s formation in the body.

Bond with your Father over a workout session via our Virtual Studio as physical activities are also known to help in bone formation and building strong bones. After a good sweat, try the Innermost Recover Capsules which contain Vitamin D, Ubiquinone CoQ10, and other research-backed ingredients, to support the recovery process, reduce inflammation and regulate hormone activity.

Vitamin A

From your school graduation to the birth of your child - good vision is essential for them to witness all your important milestones in life.

Vitamin A is vital for good vision as it improves overall eye health and it can also help in reducing fine wrinkles.

It can be found in food sources such as eggs, beef, dairy products, and orange-coloured fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, capsicums, and papayas. However, overconsumption of Vitamin A can lead to toxicity symptoms such as blurry vision, headache, and fatigue. Thus, keep in mind to consume it moderately.


If your father is a fitness enthusiast, beef up his performance with Innermost Fit Protein, formulated to rehydrate and restore energy.

The protein powder is made up of ingredients such as the whey protein blend and is effective in improving vitality and muscle recovery as well as supporting lean muscle development. Protein also increases the body’s immune functions and reduces the recovery time from illnesses.

For seniors who are 50 years old and above, an estimated amount of 1.2kg of protein is needed, per kilogram of body weight and this nutrient can be obtained from foods such as tofu, fish, and eggs.


High cholesterol is one of the factors leading to cardiovascular diseases and it is closely tied to diabetes and high blood pressure.

Psychology Today shared that a high dietary magnesium intake can help to reduce the mortality rate of people who are at high risk of contracting cardiovascular disease as magnesium helps in regulating blood pressure and the production of cholesterol. Green leafy vegetables, seeds, and nuts such as almonds which contain heart-healthy fats, are good sources of magnesium.

Formulated to maximise muscle growth, strength, and power output, Innermost Strong Protein contains magnesium which keeps the bones strong and the heart rhythm steady. You no longer have to worry as your Father can now train safely while he gets on the road to making gains!


 Though a high-fibre diet is often associated with good bowel health, studies have shown that soluble fibre found in beans, oats, flaxseed, and oat bran can also be effective in lowering “bad” cholesterol levels as well as reducing blood pressure and inflammation.

If your father is looking to lean up, the Innermost Lean Protein is right up his alley. It is specially formulated to encourage healthy fat loss, reduce cravings as well as support muscle growth and repair. Containing inulin, a prebiotic fibre to encourage the growth of good gut bacteria, the supplement provides a smarter way to promote healthy fat loss!

The best gift is the gift of health. Help your father get to his personal health and fitness goals with targeted nutrition for the mind and body. Shop our full range of Innermost Supplements here.And to all fathers,

Happy Father’s Day!


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