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Being a mother is arguably the most difficult role in the world. With the temporary closure of schools and childcare centres due to the ongoing Circuit Breaker measures, many parents are struggling to navigate through their work day at home with a kid or two in the mix. In this special Mother’s Day feature, we caught up with 3 Super Mums from Fitness First Singapore and find out how they are coping emotionally and making the most out of this stay-home period with their children.

23 Apr 2020


Danielle - Personal Trainer and Mother of 1

Meet Danielle, a loving mother of 15-month-old Valeria.

Recognising the importance in keeping her toddler constantly stimulated to jump-start early development, Danielle explores many creative indoor activities with the use of books, puzzles, sensory play and movement.

“Valeria’s outdoor activities and classes are being put on hold but that did not cause her to miss out on the fun as she could still continue her daily walk with her favourite wooden dog at the balcony. She also helps with small tasks such as watering the plants or helping me to air the laundry. Glad to have a little helper in the house!” Danielle shared.

As a personal trainer, Danielle understands the importance of staying active especially during this stay-home period. While doing Yoga, strength training, high-intensity workout or stretches for at least 30 minutes daily, she would also encourage Valeria to carry out simple squats and leg raises together with her. “I would put some pillows along the couch to make a slide or sheets over chairs to make a tunnel to crawl under. This is the Personal Trainer in me,” she said.


Without allowing the Circuit Breaker to dampen her mood this Mother’s Day, she is treating herself to breakfast in bed and pancakes for lunch. And of course, connecting with her mother and family across the globe via a skype call.


Danielle advised all mothers to squeeze in a workout no matter how busy you are. “Staying active is important for your physical and mental wellbeing. You don’t need an hour - 15 to 30 minutes of workout will be enough to perk you up for the rest of the day.”



Jayshree – Front of House Manager and Mother of 2

With home-based learning in place, Jayshree has to put on the hat of a career woman, a teacher and a mother at the same time. Things can get difficult when she tries to multitask with her work and children together. And this is when she enters a negotiation with her 2 children, Adithyaa (6 years old) and Yashwanth (4 years old).

“We have come to an agreement that we have a schedule for different activities. There is “worktime” where they know that mummy will be working and they will have to be well-behaved and do their own activities such as writing or colouring next to mummy.”

One thing that keeps her going is a constant routine. Though there were times when the day did not go as planned, Jayshree will constantly encourage herself to find ways to stick to her routine better the next day.

Seeing this time as an opportunity instead of a burden. Jayshree is glad to be able to spend more time to bond with her family not only during the weekends, but also during the weekdays as they train 5 parrots together or simply catch up over a table of home-cooked dishes.

After her work is done, Jayshree will allow the boys to choose from a few activities such as painting or hopscotch. Similar to what Danielle has done, Jayshree created a tent with blankets and chairs upon the request from her children, to replace the outdoor camping.


Also getting them to do simple home exercises such as squats and planks or joining her in front of the screen for a virtual group workout session helps to dispense some pent-up energy.


This Mother’s Day, the boys in her household are cooking up a surprise for her and her mother. She has been instructed to take a break from the kitchen to be pampered with a special home-cooked meal served with love.


Often, mothers spend most of their time caring for the well-being of their children and they tend to neglect themselves in the process. “Very importantly, we need to set aside time for ourselves to pamper and relax our mind every day. I enjoy my “ME” time by doing simple things like working on my puzzle, catching up on reading, experimenting on homemade facials, painting my nails or sometimes just sleeping next to my boys during their nap time and enjoying the silence in the house,” she added.


“I’m also looking forward to stretch some legs and wings with my kids and parrots in an open field after this Circuit Breaker!”


Jennifer – Group Fitness Manager and Mother of 1

Work is no picnic with an eager and curious 20 month-old toddler around you.

“Before the age of 1, ShuYu has already started walking on her own and as she grows older, we realise that her development in her movement is improving as well,” Jennifer shared.

Equipped with great motor skills, her daughter takes after her love for all things fitness. “ShuYu loves our online Dance Move class and she can even do a few yoga moves such as the downward dog and forward fold with me!”

Knowing most parents are dependent on television or mobile phones to keep the children engaged, Jennifer hopes to reduce screen time for her daughter and to have more face-to-face interactions with her through playtime, fitness and reading sessions. Jennifer gamified simple household chores such as washing and folding the clothes into parent-child bonding activities, which her daughter enjoys.

Morning kisses are also a way ShuYu expresses her love for her parents and that is also something Jennifer and her husband look forward to every day.

With her daughter being the priority of her life, Jennifer makes it a point to keep ShuYu’s intake of fried food to the minimal as she believes that a healthy diet is important for the well-being of her daughter.

Jennifer is hoping that her daughter can start preschool soon after the Circuit Breaker so that she can interact with more friends of the same age and people who are beyond the family to develop social skills. Instead of swarming her daughter with a wide variety of activities, Jennifer tries to introduce her daughter one activity at a time and observe which one she has an interest in.

Jennifer would also like to remind all mothers that you are not alone in the family. Share your worries, your thoughts and your concerns with your family members and get through it together as one.

“For me, every day is Mother’s Day as long as I get to be with her and see her grow up happily and healthily!”



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