Thinking Well


The new year bestows upon us an opportunity to revitalise our zest for fitness. Especially if we have had to tackle physical and mental challenges which may have caused us to fail in achieving fitness goals that were set last year. Here are a few tips on how we can get one over these challenges to become healthier and stronger versions of ourselves this brand new year.

06 Jan 2020

Try Something New

Factors behind why we end up not abiding by previously set fitness resolutions differ for every individual. For some, it can be because a workout was not able to challenge their bodies how they wanted it to. For others, it could be because a workout was too rigorous, thus resulting in them being unable to handle the physical demands of an exercise. One effective way to break free from these physical challenges would be to open up to try new workouts.


Les Mills Barre™ is a modern adaptation of classic ballet training in a class that is designed to shape and tone postural muscles, and build core strength. Combining classic ballet with modern music, this fitness class focuses on cardiovascular and strength development using high repetitions of small range-of-motion movements, and very light weights.

Overcome Procrastination

Another factor as to why we may have failed to reach last year’s fitness goals is the nature of a workout being too repetitive. This is why we end up skipping workouts, instead of performing, which restricts our attainment of physical and mental benefits for overall wellbeing.

Leave last year’s monotonous workouts behind by incorporating a fitness routine that gives you a reason to get up and move. One way you can overcome skipping a workout could be through a dance-inspired workout. This type of workout will combine dance and music in a fusion of moves choreographed to today’s hottest music releases. It is a full-body workout that will increase your heart rate, burn calories, improve cardiovascular strength and increase your stamina.

Mental & Physical Challenges to Overcome this New Year

Stop Doubting Yourself

A mental challenge which could have prevented us from seeing last year’s fitness resolutions through is self-doubt. It is especially apparent amongst individuals who do not work out regularly, or those who have hit a plateau with a certain workout. These negative conditions can create a sense of doubt about their ability to take their fitness routines up another level.


A suitable way of overcoming this mental challenge would be to start slow and progress in your own time. It is also essential that you be mindful of how your body responds to exercises. Focus on challenging the core stabilisers of your body as you perform exercises using resistance bands. It will improve functional strength, prevent injury when performing other activities, and is a great workout for your core and glutes.

Break Through the Pain

Coping with the pain that comes with performing a workout can be a torturous physical ordeal to put up with for certain individuals. Especially when waking up during the recovery stage with muscle soreness. This soreness is what sometimes causes people to cease working out entirely. Fortunately, there are some fitness routines that are extremely helpful in relieving pain, besides being able to promote mindfulness and improvement of your total wellbeing.


Incorporating Vinyasa Yoga as part of your fitness routine will introduce you to a more energising form of yoga. It is more fast-paced as compared to other yoga forms and starts with basic postures that build up to more complex stretches. You will be able to synchronise your breathing to a progressive series of poses, and in the process, re-align your spine, build strength, find calmness, and improve flexibility.

Mental & Physical Challenges to Overcome this New Year

Face Your Insecurities

If you have not walked into a gym to work out before, your first time can be an unnerving experience, especially when attempting to use the fitness equipment. One way to break free from the shackles of insecurity is to ask. Oftentimes, the gym staff, trainers and other gym-goers will be able to assist you.


You can also do away with your gym insecurities by participating in group activities such as Rock-Climbing. Each session will provide a physical challenge to your full-body strength and flexibility. Competitive game play and bouldering together with your peers will help you get comfortable and introduce some excitement into working out.


Overcoming physical and mental challenges is the key to unlocking achievement of fitness resolutions during this new year. As long as you are able to practice consistency, stay disciplined and continuously persevere towards incorporating excitement as part of your fitness routine, you will be well on your way towards achieving all the goals you have set come year end.