Eating Well


When it comes to food, Singaporeans are a resolute group of individuals. With the ever-present rainy weather presenting a change in temperature that may cause alterations to our palettes and food desires, here are a few healthy comfort foods that you may find gratification in, whilst still being able to meet your fitness goals.

12 Nov 2019

Teochew Fish Head Steamboat

Teochew Fish Head Steamboat dates back over decades, yet is still a favourite amongst Singaporeans till today. A meal best shared with a group of people, a single cloisonné of creamy white soup can be mixed with yams, sour plums, fried fish bones and vegetables, which add flavour to the soup. Raw fish slices, which usually consists of a choice between grouper, red snapper or pomfret, can be added to the mix as well when the soup starts coming to a boil..

Butter and ‘Kaya’ Toast with Half-Boiled Eggs

Simple yet satisfying, butter and ‘kaya’ toast with half-boiled eggs is a meal that you can eat at any given time of day. This meal is usually served at a ‘kopitiam’ or ‘mamak’, and is a popular choice amongst most Malaysians. Make a request to reduce the use of butter on the toast and this meal would work well with your fitness plans.

Chilli Or Black Pepper Crabs

The most well-known styles of cooking crabs in Singapore, both chilli and black pepper crabs not only indulge your taste buds, but warms your soul as well, especially during the rainy season. To achieve their distinct flavours and delicious meat textures, the crabs usually go through a two-step cooking process. It is first boiled before being fried in a wok to avoid the meat sticking to the shell. Both types of crab dishes are usually eaten with fried buns, called ‘mantous’, or white rice combined with other dishes

Fish Bee Hoon

Fish bee hoon is another dish that is popular with Singaporeans. Each serving of this meal comes with bee hoon, which is a type of rice noodles in a bowl of broth. This broth uses fish, fish bones, vegetables and herbs as the main ingredients. Although a few restaurants in Singapore serve this meal with a clear version of the broth, most restaurants serve this meal with milk mixed into the soup to thicken the broth and make it more flavourful

Yong Tau Foo

One of Singapore’s all-time favourites, Yong Tau Foo, which is originally inspired from Hakka cuisine, has evolved into a few equally delicious variations that is available all across the country. A single serving usually contains fried tofu, fish balls and minced meat stuffed into vegetables, and served with soup or sweet chilli sauce.