Thriving Well


Around the world, there is growing evidence that gyms and fitness clubs can be safe places to be in amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

18 Nov 2020

Between 1 January and 16 November, there have been over 1,857,182 check-ins across our network of clubs in Singapore. From this number, there have been 0 Covid-19 positive cases reported among our membership base. (Information is correct at the time of publication - 18/11/2020.) There is also no evidence to date of any transmissions within our gym environment, whether to other members or staff. We would like to thank every member and staff for abiding by the safety control measures that we have put in place. Every effort counts to create a safe and clean environment for everyone.

With the right precautions and protocols in place, attending a gym can be regarded as relatively low-risk. It is widely reported how exercise is a critical component to overall wellbeing, physical health, mental health, and general immune response.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have introduced a set of protocols aimed at mitigating the risks of contracting the virus in our clubs, which include our effort in increasing the frequency of cleaning within our clubs, providing hand sanitisers and additional disinfectant sprays to wipe down equipment, reminding members to wear a mask at all times unless exercising as well as ensuring that the gym/studio capacity is maintained through the booking function on our Fitness First Asia mobile app.

During the Circuit Breaker period, we have also worked closely with the local authorities as well as our other industry counterparts to develop a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the fitness industry – all of which have been implemented in our clubs upon reopening.

With the right protocols in place, and when these are adhered to closely by all members and staff, exercising in a gym is as safe as it can be.

Check out the full guide on our wide-ranging control and safety measures here !