Thriving Well


Fitness is not merely about body transformation. Fitness builds the confidence that helps people to go further in their lives. Sometimes, your fitness goal requires your determination and focus and we understand that. On 23rd October 2019, our New You Achievement Awards 2019 finalist wore their best smile and took over the stage confidently. Supported by thunderous claps and cheers from the audiences, they showcased their smartest pose and shared their inspiring stories that touched the hearts of many. On this night, we celebrated their wins!

14 Oct 2019

In Mr Anil Chugani - Fitness First Country Manager’s opening speech, he congratulated all finalists on their breakthrough achievement and transformation in life. The finalists have overcome their own challenges and difficulties in keeping to their commitment and consistency to become a new, better version of themselves. He hopes by sharing these powerful stories more individuals understand that fitness is beyond just a lifestyle fad, but a never ending journey of achieving a better quality of life everyone that once thought to be impossible.



Crowned as the National Winner, Mr Anandan Bala walked away with $3000 cash, one year Fitness First Membership as well as 12 Personal Training Sessions. Being a member of Fitness First since 2006, Mr Anandan mentioned in his speech that it was a great honor for him to win. Apart from thanking his family who were present at the award ceremony, Mr Anandan also extended his appreciation to Mr Ramp Mashood, his Personal Trainer at Fitness First One George Street who encouraged Mr Anandan to exceed his limits and to never give up. Used to be an ex-smoker and individual who used to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, the 50-year-old celebrated his success on 23rd May 2019 - achieved his life goal of summiting Mount Everest! Bagging the honor of being the oldest Singaporean to stand on Mount Everest, Mr Anandan hopes to continue his trainings and bring glory to Singapore by breaking more records.

A special award was also presented to Ms Tan Yueh Li who touched the hearts of the judges with her inspirational story. As an avid swimmer since she was five, Ms Yueh Li used to swim two to three times a week. However, after suffering from a stroke in 2016, she lost the ability to execute “coordination motions”. With complete paralysis on the left, Ms Yueh Li was unable to sit cross-legged and fell multiple times during her first year of stroke. But, she never once gave up in getting her life back. Engaging her Personal Trainer. Ms Dancy Ee from Junction 10, she started her recovery journey. Now, she feels really happy to be able to lift her arm fully without any pain or difficulties and is satisfied with her ability to do an actual push-up. In addition, the workout and diet plans by Ms Dancy have also further helped Ms Yueh Li to regain her mobility. She hopes to encourage all stroke patients to never give up and never allow stroke to stop them from living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Last but not least, Ms Nur Aisyah Rayhan, Mr Ferdinand Maluntad, Mr Bryan Goh and Madam Anita Mehta also clinched the award as the winner of the Lean Category, Strong Category, Staff Category and Well-being Category respectively.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the New You Achievement Awards 2019’s Official Wellness Partner, AIA Vitality and the Official Sponsors, Tefal, Total Health Chiropractic, Reebok as well as YOLO food.

Following the New You Achievement Awards 2019, we are excited to reveal our upcoming New You Body Transformation Programme whereby you get to experience winning formula designed to unlock your fitness and wellness goals. Let’s start the New Year with a new goals to a healthier and fitter you!