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With thousands of years of history, yoga which originated from India, is a mind and body practice well-known for its poses and postures. Utilising the breathing techniques, meditation and stretching, yoga helps us to achieve higher consciousness and self-regulation. Apart from the act of folding yourselves into a human pretzel and carrying out poses with high flexibility, there is certainly more to yoga. Different types of yoga bring different benefits to your body and it is important to have a goal in mind while picking the right yoga to lift the weight off your shoulder.

10 Jun 2020

6 Benefits Of Yoga


The mental benefits yoga can bring to our mind and body have been amplified all over the internet, books and magazines. Often, people might have the misconception that yoga only has the ability to help us build a stronger mental health but what about the physical benefits it can give us?


1. Releases Tension In Our Key Joints


Being deskbound for long hours throughout the day can cause tension in your neck, shoulders and back.


Yin Yoga is a slow-paced yoga session which requires you to hold poses for a relatively long time, allowing you to stretch your primary connective tissues to relieve the aches and tensions in your key joints.


On top of that, during the session, you will be able to cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and understand how you can release stress from your body as well as mind to feel more relaxed, calm and centred.


2. Helps With Migraine


As you get busy, you might skip your meals and increase your intake of caffeine to help yourself stay focused throughout the day. When it gets quiet at night, the thoughts and stress start to crawl in, causing you to have insufficient sleep.


All these factors are in fact some common triggers to the terrible migraine you have experienced in the past. Healthline stated that in a 2007 study whereby 72 patients were divided into two groups – a yoga therapy and a self-care group for over a period of 3 months, patients who practiced yoga have experienced a reduction in their headache intensity, frequency and pain as compared to those in the self-care group.


Though migraines are known to be relieved traditionally by medication, it is no doubt that yoga is another great alternative to help with this recurring headache.


3. Improves Strength and Cardiovascular Fitness


The effects of yoga might not be immediate for some but practicing yoga, in the long run, might be effective in improving your flexibility, balance, blood circulation and strength. By having better mobility, the likelihood of getting injuries and sprains can be reduced during your physical activities.


In addition, yoga can also bring great improvements to your cardiovascular fitness as the oxygen intake in your blood increases through the breathing exercises carried out during a session of yoga.


4. Helps You To Sleep Better


Counting your 1000th sheep and still wide awake? It’s probably time to start practising some Gentle Yoga before hitting the sheets.


It is recommended to carry out at least 15 minutes of simple yoga-like poses such as the neck rolls and shoulder rolls, to help relax and loosen your muscles before bedtime for a good night’s sleep. In addition, poses such as the reclining butterfly which works your hips and inner thighs as well as the supine twist which works your neck, back and legs, are effective in helping you fall asleep at a faster rate.


5. Improves Your Digestion


Diarrhoea, constipation and abdominal pain are a few symptoms of the irritable bowel syndrome. Instead of reaching for that medicine, get into position for some yoga, which might help with easing constipation as the movement of the body speeds up the transportation of food and waste products through the bowels.


6. For A Better Posture


Poor posture such as slouching can cause muscle tension, pain in the back and joint as well as lead to breathing issues and fatigue. On top of that, poor posture can also affect your overall image and presentation. Hence, to stand out confidently from the crowd, having a good posture is important.


Shape shared that by following a steady yoga regimen, the ligaments, tendons and muscles of your body will lengthen while simultaneously building up your body’s strength, resulting in a better posture and spinal alignment. Apart from improving our posture, yoga can also help in reducing back pain.


Though yoga is a low-impact exercise which can bring many benefits to us both physically and mentally, beginners are advised to avoid extreme poses and difficult techniques such as the headstand, lotus position and forceful breathing.


A pregnant woman or anyone with medical conditions such as high blood pressure should also seek advice from their healthcare practitioners before practising yoga.


Last but not least, ensure that you hydrate yourself well before the session and allow at least 2 hours of rest time after a meal, before attending the classes to avoid any discomfort.


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