Moving Well


Having to confront obstacles which put a damper on your new year fitness resolutions is expected. This happens particularly when we intend to achieve goals that are in essence, excessively ambitious. A more reasonable alternative would be to focus on short-term accomplishments which can be measured through specific breakthroughs over the year.

01 Jan 2020
To avoid failing at any time during the year, here are a few long-term workouts to get started at the beginning of the year for muscle growth and improvement of total body fitness.

Train for Functional Fitness

Performing daily activities such as chores or physical-related tasks require the use of our body’s major muscles. A total body strength workout aids in increasing functional fitness. Some of the exercises which can be incorporated as part of a routine include push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, planks and leg raises. If you are struggling with basic repetitions of an individual exercise, start slowly using assisted, negative or simple variations. As soon as you are able to master its basic form, your workouts can then progress to include more intense variations of the exercise.


A great functional workout which can be done to improve functional fitness is HERO, a class at Fitness First which is inspired by policemen and fire fighters. It involves actions and physical tasks which are similar to those performed by uniformed personnel. Lifting and pulling movements make up the core foundation of this workout, providing your body with better cardiovascular and muscular endurance.  

time to make a change: adjusting your goals

Learn to Dance

Dance is a form of exercise that provides a variety of health positives through aerobic and anaerobic movement. These positives include an increase in muscular fitness, motor fitness, endurance, building of bone strength, improving of flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

Opt to join a hip hop freestyle dance class which incorporates fun and fitness into one sweat-inducing routine. A workout such as this will help you burn calories, and build strength and stamina. It will also help in improving coordination and flexibility in the long run.

time to make a change: adjusting your goals

Start Cycling Regularly

Cycling is a workout that is able to provide your body with benefits similar to those attainable through dancing. It also results in mental health improvement, weight loss and muscle building. Some of the ways you can increase your workout intensity include uphill cycling, use of bigger gears and use of a block training method (different type of cycling for different days).

If you are new to cycling, joining a class will teach you the fundamentals such as how to set up your bike and basic cycling moves. You will also be in control of your cycling routine intensity, which involves hill climbs, flat rides and sprints that will improve your aerobic and cardiovascular fitness over time.

time to make a change: adjusting your goals

Pick Up Yoga

The practice of yoga is founded upon three core elements – exercise, meditation and breathing. Effectively combining these elements will help you strengthen and tone muscles, increase flexibility, improve cardiovascular health, and blood circulation.

It involves using gentle stretches, postures and poses that come together with focused breathing to aid in calming your mind.


Incorporating a yoga-based workout that embraces elements of Tai Chi and Pilates will help you improve your mind and body. This workout is accompanied by a motivational soundtrack. It will have you bending and stretching through a carefully structured series of moves and poses. Controlled breathing and concentration during the sessions will aid in creating a sense of calm.


The fundamentals behind a workout plan and regime that is beneficial relies on a gradual increase in intensity over time. Doing so is great for keeping your routines fresh and ensuring that your body experiences constant physical challenge. As a result, you would be able to achieve long-term milestones which will drive you to push on with the same workout plan for longer.