Thriving Well


Many Singaporeans would be familiar with the term “Circuit Breaker” by now. No, it has nothing to do with electricity. The “Circuit Breaker” is an elevated set of safe distancing measures implemented by the authorities to minimise further spread of Covid-19. These measurements will significantly reduce movements and interactions; in other words – the nation is on a partial “lockdown”. With the stress and uncertainty that come with this rapid outbreak that is sweeping the globe, social isolation can also take an emotional toll on us. We understand how you feel as we are all going through this together. Here are 6 tips that will help you adjust to the new norm and steer through this stressful time. Remember, you are not alone.

14 Apr 2020

Keep To Your Daily Routine

Many of you would be telecommuting now following the closure of workplaces. This new arrangement might bring about a change to your daily routine.

Though changes are unavoidable, it is important for you to keep to your regular routine such as meal times and sleeping hours. Simply start by creating a to-do list and pen down a few tasks you would like to complete by the end of the day. Keep in mind not to pack your list with an overwhelming amount of tasks as we aim to keep ourselves busy and not to add on stress to ourselves.

Keeping busy is a great coping mechanism that stops you from feeding on the negative emotions. As you tick off the tasks, it gives you a sense of achievement and control amid the storm.

So instead of spending your time round the clock on Covid-19 headlines, why not use your time to accomplish more things to make the stay-home period fruitful and productive?

Workout From Home Too

Miss having a great workout at the gym or enjoying a good run with your friends? Don’t worry, we are bringing the gym experience right to your home.

We are giving you weekly virtual versions of our Group Fitness Classes in our Fitness at Home series on our Facebook and Instagram.

You can enjoy some of our signature classes along with the popular Les Mills Programs.

To make your home-based workout hassle-free, most of these virtual classes do not require gym equipment - how convenient! On top of that, since our virtual classes are free for all, connect with your friends through a video call during the virtual workout sessions and challenge one another to the moves.

Working out isn’t just about sweating and losing weight. As we exercise daily, it helps us to sleep better at night which in turn improves our mood and enables us to concentrate better while we carry out our tasks in the day.

Hence, if you have trouble focusing while working from home, one of the reasons might be due to a lack of exercise.

Mr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organisation, encourages adults to get at least 30 minutes of exercise, and children to get a minimum of an hour of exercise daily.

So, break up with your couch and experience the adrenaline rush as you start moving!

Discover New Interests

Are you impressed with the mouth-watering dishes you see while scrolling through your phone? You can whip up a table of goodness too if you are willing to learn.

Start with some simple recipes on the internet and try them step by step. Still have doubts along the way? Discuss it with your friends online and find out how you can make things work.

Apart from cooking and baking, there are other hobbies, skills and knowledge you can explore during this time, such as learning a new language, reading or even creating a unique art piece. You might actually be surprised with your hidden talent!

Learning new things can be beneficial for your mental well-being as it helps in stimulating your brain and nerve cells, keeping your brain refreshed.

Sit down, sip on a cup of tea and think of what are the things you have been wanting to learn but have no time to do so in the past. Grab this opportunity to expand your area of knowledge.

Eat Healthy

According to The Straits Times, research found that young adults under the age of 30, who ate fast food for more than 3 times a week scored higher on levels of mental distress.

Apart from keeping to your fitness routine, your diet plays a crucial role in maintaining your mental health.

While shopping for your groceries, remember to include a balance portion of wholegrain, dairy products, meat, vegetables and fruits in your basket so that you could prepare healthy and yummy meals for you and your family.

You can also check out our healthy Fitness First recipes for breakfast and 6 super healthy snacks which will fuel your body during this stay-home period. Go ahead and get creative in your culinary adventure!

Declutter Your House

Take a short break while you are working from home and look around you. Do those things spark joy in your life?

In an article by Health Hub, research stated that physical clutter affects our brain’s ability to concentrate and process information. Neuroscientists have also found out that physical clutter around us could result in a decrease in our performance and an increase in our stress level as it competes for our attention.

If you find that your working area at home is too messy or too cluttered, then it’s time for you to do some spring cleaning or simply organise your area for a better work efficiency and mental health.

Separated but Connected

Mr Tedros also revealed that talking to people you know and to people you trust can help to relieve your stress and anxiety. Hence, hop onto a video call with your loved ones and friends for at least 10 minutes. Tell them about your day and the new skills or hobbies you’ve discovered.

You can also play a game or exercise together over the call and encourage one another to push on to achieve your fitness goals.

Kindness is essential in the current situation as well. Spend some time checking in on your community to see how they are doing and release some positive vibes to chase away the dark clouds over their heads.

Put a smile on their face, and put a smile on yours too.

On the bright side, we disconnect physically from the world and reconnect emotionally with our family members during this time.

Let us be resilient and strong to ride through this challenging phase together as one. Hang in there and fight on, Singapore!