Moving Well


Incorporating these methods when working out at the gym can help you get comfortable with “the new normal” gym etiquette, as you make the necessary adjustments to life after the lockdown smoothly

16 Jun 2020

Although the “circuit breaker” period could gradually go into relaxation as the number of COVID-19 cases are beginning to stabilise, fitness junkies might not choose to immediately return to their favourite gyms. It is very normal to have the fear of falling sick with this highly contagious virus, however here are a few ways to get yourself used to “the new normal” when it comes to exercising at the gym with complete peace of mind.

Make Social Distancing a Norm

If you intend to follow social distancing rules while at the gym, one of the best ways to do so is to pre-book floor space before visiting. To maintain the safety and well-being of all club members, Fitness First has recently developed a booking system via its new mobile application.

When you make an early booking for a gym access, it will allow the club to keep track of the amount of members entering the premise at any given time, while observing social distancing rules which have been implemented by the Ministry of Health. To pre-book gym access or participate in a workout class, club members are advised to first download the new Fitness First app on their phone and book their slots online.

Give Gym a Miss if You Are Feeling Sick

Before the pandemic, it is quite normal for people to have the mindset to still workout at the gym if they are suffering from a mild sore throat, cold or stuffy nose. However, situation has taken a complete change now. Given that the symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to that of mild illnesses like cough and fever, it is now advisable to give gym a miss if you are feeling unwell.

In fact, most publicly visited places like gyms have now put in place temperature checks at all entry and exit points so people who are sick are prevented from entering their premises. If you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, please stay at home and seek medical help immediately. This will help the country reduce the amount of local transmission cases, while giving you a head start on immediate medical attention.

Disinfect Gym Equipment and Free Weights

One way to not contract any viruses or influenza is to ensure that frequent cleaning is done using disinfecting agents. For members to work out and get in shape at the gym, Fitness First has now made sure that wiping down all of its equipment is done on a regular basis and we implemented monthly application of antibacterial coating on our equipment and high touch areas.  If that’s not all, disinfectant sprays and wipes are also kept in its premises for club members to use whenever necessary. To ensure that the gym is a safe space to exercise for all, the onus is also on the members to wipe down gym equipment before and after each use. Recently in September 2020, Fitness First Singapore is proudly SG Cleaned certified by National Environment Agency (NEA) ; commit to upholding good sanitation and hygiene practices, to safeguard public health in Singapore.

If you want to bring your own disinfecting spray and wipes, make sure that the item contains a minimum of 60 percent alcohol or chlorine bleach. Also, do not use wipes meant for personal hygiene to clean the equipment. Additionally, the suggestion is to give 30 seconds to 1 minute for the surface area of each equipment to air dry completely before using it.

Bring Your Own Gym Essentials

For safety purposes, it is recommended for you to bring your own essential items like a filled water bottle, towels and weight lifting gloves each time you visit the gym. If you want to go for a fitness class, then be sure to pack your own boxing gloves, hand wraps, yoga mats or hammocks. The reason why you should bring your own filled water bottle is so that you avoid drinking directly from the drinking fountain. Bacteria, germs and viruses can be transmitted easily via the fountain faucet to your mouth. If you have to refill your bottle, the suggestion is to do it at a standing water cooler but ensure that you sanitise the lever or button first with a disinfectant spray or wipe.

Do not forget to carry along two towels to the gym. One is used to wipe off sweat from your body and the other is to wipe down equipment before and after each use. Although the gym equipment will be frequently wiped by the club to ensure the members’ safety, it will also be helpful for members to wipe down all the items that they use to give an added sense of safety and comfort. On top of it, it is also an act of kindness as others will feel safe to use the equipment at the gym.

It is going to take some time to get adjusted to “the new normal”. But if all the recommended safety precautions are observed, returning to the gym would definitely not be a tough thing to do. Be safe everybody.